S.M.A.T.T.C.H. Now That I'm Dead

New Tabletopia Game SMATTCH: Now That I’m Dead!

Smattch: Now That I’m Dead by Patchy Beard Games is now available for free on Tabletopia! Like its cousin, Corporate Monsters, Now that I’m Dead is a game involving Strategic Matching, Treachery, Cunning, and Hoarding (S.M.A.T.T.C.H.).

You are an Elite Problem Solver when it comes to dealing with the recently deceased. You are tasked with cleaning up the secrets of a recently departed celebrity.

Your task is to assemble the items that could lead to your client being remembered as a monster instead of the fine upstanding citizen they portrayed in life.

As with all sensitive matters your items and checklists must be held with the highest confidentiality to prevent your competitors from using that info to their advantage.

Play the game for free here: https://tabletopia.com/games/smattch-now-that-i-m-dead

Game Info

  • 16+ Age Range
  • Party game for 2 or more players
  • Includes 54 cards
  • Quick, fun gameplay lasting 5-15 minutes